When It Comes To Family…

Blood doesn’t bind you to anyone nor does it make you family. I love how holidays tend to bring ppl you can’t even recall as a child growing up, appear out of nowhere and immediately have such an expectancy to be accepted into your life like it’s some kind of right they have or law you should oblige to. No. You’re no different then the ppl I see everyday at work. That kind of connection is what we are programmed to believe in this society. We’re taught that family sustains us and keeps us together. Well, I say, blood isn’t a noose between two ppl; You’re not bound to anyone you don’t want to be bound to. People get married every year and later become legally bound to one another and still make individual decisions to commit infidelity towards each other regardless of the legal commitment. Unconditional love, support, consistency and patience through the negatives and positives between two ppl is what easily builds that bond & contingent on the root of that relationship between two ppl is where and how you build familiarity with who’s who in you’re life. Because at the end of the day, we’re all going to die alone. So I’d rather create my own “family” whom
of which a good majority of those people in my life aren’t exactly blood related, perfect or angelic in any way but we are related by heart, body, mind & soul which are the strengths of what bonds us as humans. So before we reblog “family first quotes” or draw an emphases on what a “family is” or “suppose to be-no matter what”, let’s realize that the reason for many of America’s emancipations within certain family’s or from their families, external and internal, are results of people like myself and the millions of others who have decided to design our own lives the way we seem fit with what we do, how, when & who stays in our lives. I chose to design my own life and create the family I deserved for myself not particularly the one America’s programmed society forces me to accept or adopt.

The best part of my career andrespelaez ❤️ this is our journey year to date, he is my heart & soul in everything I do.

Thank you @maccosmetics again for always keeping your Mockingjay glam and my makeup kit stocked! You guys are my heart!😘❤️
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